Diva on a Budget: Nicka K New York Vivid Matte Lipstick


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Sheree Moore
Sheree Moore

How many times have you been out shopping and saw something you wanted, but figured you would grab it the next time you went to the store? Then, when you go back to buy it, it’s no longer available or in stock.

About three months ago, as I was driving to meet my Dad, I went into a local beauty supply store in Blackwood, New Jersey, to pick up a few hair products. As I was checking out, I noticed an unfamiliar lipstick line displayed with bold vibrant colors. My first thought was, “Let me check these out.”

But I did not have the time to stop and inspect them right then. My schedule became so hectic that I was not able to return to the store until a month later. When I finally went back to find out more about the lipsticks, what do you know, the store had already sold out of every color! I went back two more times without success. Go figure.

I tried looking for the brand in my favorite retail stores (Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid) and none of them carried it. As soon as I gave up hope on ever finding it again, I found them in Cherry Hill Beauty Supply.

A few sample shades of Nicka K New York Vivid Matte lipsticks. The lipsticks can be purchased at Cherry Hill Beauty Supply for $1.99. -Staff Photo/Sheree Moore
A few sample shades of Nicka K New York Vivid Matte lipsticks. The lipsticks can be purchased at Cherry Hill Beauty Supply for $1.99. -Staff Photo/Sheree Moore

Nicka K New York Vivid Matte Lipstick is an upscale-looking line with an affordable price tag of $1.99, that guarantees to deliver “full coverage pigmentation and vibrancy with a trendy modern matte finish that remains comfortable throughout wear.” This line comes in 21 various shades ranging from subtle pinks to neons. Each lipstick comes in a sleek black case and appears smaller than most other brands.

I was impressed by the variety of colors they offered, although some were too bold for my personal taste. I found the colors to be long-lasting and versatile. There was a shade for every complexion, mood and occasion. The light pink works for a soft, everyday look. If you are looking for a more elegant, date night color, then the sangria or maroon might be your pick. Fashion fuchsia and sea green are also available for the young at heart looking to cut loose, turn up and just have fun.

Overall, Nicka K New York Vivid Matte Lipstick has everything to leave you feeling and looking #ONFLEEK.

Nicka K New York has a long line of other products offered, which are all cruelty-free. They also have products for hair, eyes, nails and lips. Their lipsticks options are glossy, shiny and hydrating and moisturizing. You can purchase them via their website for various prices. Cherry Hill Beauty Supply, as well as many local beauty shops, including Sun Pay Beauty Supply on High Street near Rowan, carry a limited amount of their product line for a price of $3.99 or less.

Nicka K New York – Vivid Matte

Purchase at: Cherry Hill Beauty Supply

Price range: $1.99

Rating: ★★★★★

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