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Sheree Moore
Sheree Moore

With the semester winding down and graduation right around the corner, trying to get prepped for the many parties I will be attending before my career begins is a big deal to me.

Many times, I do miniature trial runs where I simply try my looks out weekends before to make sure I love what I see and make changes before the event.

Wanting to try something new with my eyelashes, I recently called several upscale salons to find out how much a set of eyelashes would cost. Expecting a price of $50 or so, I was flabbergasted to find out that the cheapest option was $250. The sales representative said it was a discounted price. Really?

I guess when I have $250 to throw around, I’ll get those types of services. But with my current budget, I wanted to find something that looked amazing.

Because of the countless options of fake eyelashes for sale in stores, choosing which the right ones for you can be a bit tricky, especially if you have never bought or applied them before.

I found a product that delivers, at a cost of only $5 at Five Below.

Lash Drama by Style Essentials comes with six pairs of lashes and one tube of lash glue. Each pair is similar in name to the desired effects of different mascaras, including: Volumizing, Defined, Lengthening, Glamorous, Dramatic and Wispy.

The Style Essentials Lash Drama kit comes with six sets of fake eyelashes. The kit can be purchased at Five Below for $5. -Staff Photo/Sheree Moore
The Style Essentials Lash Drama kit comes with six sets of fake eyelashes. The kit can be purchased at Five Below for $5. -Staff Photo/Sheree Moore

On the back of the box are printed instructions and tips on how to apply the eyelashes, which is great for rookies like myself. Although these directions were quite helpful, I actually went to YouTube and looked at tutorials that showed me how to apply them on myself, which I highly recommend.

Each pair of eyelashes felt extremely soft and natural, not hard, as some cheap ones tend to feel. Surprisingly, the lash glue worked extremely well and was durable throughout the wear, which was well over eight hours.

I do recommend using a Q-tip to assist putting the glue on the eyelash strip to avoid using too much or to avoid it getting on the actual lashes.

Overall, after wearing three pairs at least three times, I definitely wanted to get the word out about these inexpensive, beautiful makeup additions. Whether you’re looking for a glamorous sexy look to complement your big day, or a more natural defining look to add a bit of flirt to your look, search no further.

Lash Drama by Style Essentials

Purchase at: Five Below

Price: $5

Rating: ★★★★★


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